Biology Unit 2 Study Guide: Basic Building Blocks of Life


Biology Unit 2 Study Guide: Basic Building Blocks of Life

 What are biomolecules?

 Biomolecules are large molecules made of many smaller repeating units.  Therefore they are also considered polymers because they are made of many monomers.


What helps molecules stick together?

Complete the table about types of chemical bonds.

Type of Bond

Formed When…


Covalent Bond

electrons are shared between atoms




Ionic Bond

electrons are transferred from one atom to another and the two atoms are held together by the attraction of opposite charges



Hydrogen Bond

attraction between hydrogen atom on one water molecule and oxygen atom on another water molecule – not as strong as covalent or ionic bond


Role of Lipids

Lipids have many roles within the cell and body and the function depends on the type of lipid.  What are the functions of the following lipids?

Type of Lipid


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