Biology Unit 1 Study Guide: Ecology And Scientific Method


Biology Unit 1 Study Guide: Ecology And Scientific Method


BIOLOGY is the study of living things.   To distinguish something as living, it must have all of the following characteristics of life:

  1. made of cells
  2. obtain and use materials and energy (metabolism)
  3. all reproduce
  4. maintain internal balance (homeostasis)
  5. have genetic code (DNA/RNA)
  6. respond to environment
  7. grow and develop
  8. as a group, change over time (evolve)


What is the difference between homeostasis and responding to the environment?

homeostasis is maintenance of internal conditions, not through conscious thought (ex. sweating when hot, liver storing sugar, etc.)     

response to environment is changes to the organism caused by changes in the environment (ex. plant growing because of sunlight, lizard sitting on rock to keep warm, etc.)

What is the SMALLEST unit that is still considered living?

A cell

Out of the following words, circle all those that are…

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